The EU Starts War With Daimler on Air Conditioning Coolant Used in Mercedes Vehicles image

The European Commission plans to ban Mercedes vehicles across Europe, due to the use of illegal air conditioning coolant.

An EU document, which was published last week, says that all Mercedes cars that do not comply with the EU law should be banned from sales in the region. Antonio Tajani, the European Industry and Entrepreneurship Commissioner, said that he will begin the infringement proceedings against EU member states if they fail to comply with the regulations.

The Mercedes vehicles which use the illegal air conditioning coolant, are the new A-Class hatchbacks, the SL roadster models and the B-Class family cars. The R134a coolant, which has been banned from use in new vehicles since 2011, is used by all of the above models. The commission said that the rules will be enforced beginning with this year, after a period of grace of two years.

The climate change legislation claimed that the R134a has a global warming potential that is 1,430 times higher compared with CO2 and alternatives to be found in mobile air conditioning. Daimler was the only automaker which refused to use the imposed air conditioning coolant claiming the product was flammable and therefore could present a fire risk.

All member states “have a clear obligation to refuse registration of vehicles which are not in compliance” – stated the commission. Nations have “a clear obligation to take action towards manufacturers placing products on the market which do not comply with EU legislation”