The fastest ever road-going Ferrari has unveiled its new model 599 GTO image

Ferrari has always proved its speed on the road and this time, the car has some amazing features hid under its beautiful and elegant body. With its new 599 GTO, Ferrari has made its first appearance at the Beijing International Motor Show. This time, Ferrari is set with its powerful performance that is unique in its class and cannot be compared with any other in the world. This uniqueness has made the car to be called as the fastest ever road-going Ferrari 599 GTO.

With its extreme V12 berlinetta, this new model of Ferrari has become the fastest ever road car of the company and is boosting its complete new concept that is based on the 599XX. It is the advanced experimental track car that can be considered as nearly a road-going version, especially for the car lovers who demand high-performance driving. This new model set a record lap time at Fiorano in 1’24”. Through this the power can be assumed. The Ferrari 599 GTO is boasting with its amazing 670 horsepower, which ensures an acceleration of 0-100 km/h time and makes the top speed of more than 335 km/h. Well, the potential of this car can be measured through the Fiorano lap time that offers just one indication towards its capability.

One primary function that has to be considered is the performance of the GTO, which is actually the innovative approach to chassis development. This has been done for the first time on a production car that has witnessed the incorporation between a conducted set-up tuned, made for a level of responsiveness and the extremely complicated electronic controls. Finally, the result appears as the near to absolute absence of under steer and an actually communicative chassis. As per the policy of Ferrari that every new car should have new features and new solutions for a road car, hence, this new model is well-equipped with the newest, second-generation carbon-ceramic brakes. The brakes are very light in weight as well as offer great performance.

With this, the car also boasts new aerodynamic innovations like the wheel doughnuts that augment the efficiency of the aerodynamic. It car is also boasting with the enhanced brake cooling, and the Supersport tyres that is developed by the Michelin. It contains a wider front tyre that further helps in greater road holding. The new driver-car interface is the additional feature, with the implementation of the Virtual Race Engineer (VRE). This offers the driver with immediate details on the performance. As compared to the Enzo, the 599 GTO is quicker and is meant for its swift performance. In general, the car is the best in its class and is the next generation perfect car that has started gaining admiration before its launch.

With its unique aerodynamic kit, the Ferrari 599 GTO features the second generation magnetorheological suspension control system, the Vehicle Dynamic Control, and the F1-Trac traction control. This is also available with an extremely powerful Brembo braking package. With plenty of other great features, the Ferrari has managed well to be on the limelight and on the top position in style and design. Just one look and people will definitely go crazy! So wait and watch what is new in the lineup for Ferrari and its bashing launch.