The Ferrari 599 replacement will get over 700 HP image

The Italian based automaker Ferrari has just confirmed, through the voice of Amedeo Felisa CEO, that the replacement of the 599 model will get more than 700 horsepower and will outgun the Lamborghini Aventador.

One of the greatest supercars out there, the Ferrari 599, is close to getting a replacement after five years of production and the supercar maker says that its successor will get over 700 horsepower and the Aventador has nothing to do with this.

“We are selling cars, not horsepower. We’ll have more than 700 horsepower but it’s not because of the Aventador”, said the Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa when speaking to

According to the Ferrari official, the replacement of the 599 model will be front-engined and it will ride on an aluminum-intensive platform, but this is all we know about the new supercar for now.

As a reminder, the 599 GTB is delivering 612 horsepower while the GTO version has 661 horsepower so 700 HP isn’t too far actually from what Ferrari could offer.

This isn’t the only announcement regarding upcoming vehicles made by Ferrari and just a day ago, the same Amedeo Felisa said that the Enzo replacement will be a carbon fiber mid-mounted V12model.