In a sad bit of news – especially for the victim’s family – the acceleration recall problems return to haunt Toyota, as the company goes before the jury for a lawsuit claiming unexpected acceleration of one of its cars caused a death.

The suit is being filed by the husband and son of a woman who died in a crash and may point the way to out-of-court resolution of others, as about 85 personal-injury and wrongful-death acceleration cases have been consolidated just in the Californian state court of Los Angeles.

Yasuharu Uno, the widower, and his son Jeffrey say Toyota is liable because it didn’t install a brake override system in the 2006 Camry that Noriko Uno, 66, was driving when it sped through traffic until it hit a tree.

Noriko Uno’s fifth-generation Camry had the most reported unintended-acceleration claims Garo Mardirossian, the family’s lawyer, saying claims rose 400 percent from the previous generation.

“Toyota knew this,” Mardirossian wrote. “Toyota did nothing to remedy this. Rather, it recalled and added brake override to the 2007 Toyota Camry, but left Mrs. Uno’s Toyota Camry on the roadways unsafe and without brake override.”

Toyota settled economic-loss allegations brought by U.S. drivers after the recall of more than 10 million vehicles worldwide in 2009 and 2010 for potential unintended acceleration with causes such as stuck accelerators and floor mats that shifted out of position.


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