The Ford Mustang and F-150 are going hybrid in 2020 image

It’s official – Ford itself has confirmed it – the traditional muscle car and pickup workhorse are getting electrified in the form of hybrid powertrain options starting 2020.

Since there are still three years to go before any of these versions come online we’re not getting lots of details – either than Ford entitling the Mustang to “V8 power and even more low-end torque.” This basically means the powertrain will get either four (most likely) or maybe six cylinders in addition to an electric motor (or two), claiming it’s like “adding and electric supercharger”. By the way – we could also be looking at all wheel drive, since it’s not that hard to have the ICE power the rear wheels and the electric motor send torque to the front ones when needed.

As for the F-150 Hybrid the details are just as scarce – either than reaching its intended markets in 2020 as well and coming with “powerful towing and payload capacity and operate as a mobile generator,” with clients able to obtain one both in North America and the Middle East. The Mustang Hybrid will be part of the new investment in the Flat Rock, Michigan facility, which is set to generate 700 new jobs – and in an interesting turn Ford has also announced the cancellation of its planned 1.6 billion assembly plant in Mexico.