It’s not the heritage – though that one counts as the initiator of the sales craze – it’s actually the decision to offer the Mustang worldwide for the first time ever, corroborated with the equally first time ever availability as a right-hand drive model.

And Ford is continuing its push with the Mustang – for 2017 there are six more international markets to conquer – including one that is crucial: Brazil. The Ford Mustang counted on 2016 as its second year in a row taking the title of the world’s best-selling sports car, with more than 150k units sold everywhere, with 45,000 of them outside the home territory. 2016 is the second year when Ford exported the muscle car to 140 markets around the world – 2017 is adding six more, including Brazil, the Palau Islands, and the Ivory Coast. With the 2015 model year going global, almost 100k units have been sold outside of its home market of America, with the Blue oval expecting 30 percent of production to be directed towards other markets.

The Ford Mustang – of course – was the world’s top selling sports car in 2016 8

With more than five decades of continued appearance, Ford thinks the Mustang is also America’s bestselling sports car for the period – aided by the Camaro and Challenger taking time off or intermittently disappearing. For the 2018 model year the Mustang is also coming out refreshed, which should entice global customers even more. Styling upgrades are for the interior, tech amenities are for the interior – including an optional digital instrument cluster – and also introduced a new 10-speed automatic for the 2.3-liter EcoBoost and 5.0-liter V8.


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