The fuel cell cars could be the ultimate green vehicles image

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars are all the rage now – no wonder since Toyota, the largest automaker in the world and the ultimate hybrid car guru, has just launched one.

The Mirai has been known for a long time to be coming and signals the Japanese company’s implication towards the ultimate green vehicle goal. No wonder since the future drivers of the new Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car would only give the planet byproducts such as heat and almost pure water.

Through a very scientific process, hydrogen stored in special tanks gets transformed into electricity – allowing for fuel cell cars to have ranges comparable to traditionally powered cars and almost the same refueling time. And out the exhaust (we shouldn’t call it that anymore) only comes heated water – fuel cell conversion is famous for being used to provide astronauts with drinking water.

But there’s one question – how safe does the Mirai produce the water? Toyota says it’s not pristine mountain stream water, but it’s actually safer than your average milk. “We tested the health impact of drinking the water in a special lab,” said Seiji Mizuno, general manager in charge of designing the car’s fuel stack power generator. The officials don’t recommend it though – because the system uses oxygen from the surrounding air and in parts of the world that could become hazardous to health.

Via Automotive News Europe