Opel Astra, Corsa, Meriva and Insignia getting a special “150 Years” edition image

The German based automaker Opel has recently announced that a special version of the Astra, Corsa, Meriva and Insignia will be launched in Europe.

According to the car manufacturer, Opel is celebrating its 150 years of existence and in order to highlight the event, special “150 Year” editions of the Astra, Corsa, Meriva and Insignia will be launched in Europe. After Chevrolet has celebrated its “birthday” in 2011, Opel is the next sub-brand to do the same thing, but the Germans have 150 years of history behind them which will be highlighted throughout the whole year.

Opel was founded back in 1862 and back then it was manufacturing bicycles and sewing machines, but in 1899, the company started developing cars and after 150 years, the automaker is very popular in Europe and it’s planning to take advantage of this, which is why the special editions of the four models, the Astra, Corsa, Meriva and Insignia will be developed. The “150 Year” anniversary package for the vehicles mentioned above includes 16 inch rims for the Corsa and Meriva, 17 and 18 inch rims for the Astra and Insignia, tinted windows, multi-functional steering wheel, auto-pilot and CD/MP3 radio.

The Opel Corsa is coming with chromed tailpipes while the Insignia has sat-nav system, leather wrapped steering wheel and automatic climate control. For customers who want something extra, Opel will be offering extra features like the panoramic sun roof, dual-zone climate control or parking sensors and new alloy rims.