The German SPD Party Wants Autobahn Speed Limited to 120km/h (75mph) image

Sigmar Gabriel, leader of the SPD party in Germany, wants speed on the autobahns to be limited at 120km/h (75mph).

To support its proposal, Sigmar Gabriel offered some data from the accident statistics, saying that the number of deaths and serious injuries on the restricted autobahns was lower compared with the rest of them motorways. Currently, 40% of the autobahns in Germany have the 130km/h (81mph) limit imposed permanently or temporarily and the speed limit remains a recommended on derestricted roads.

The German Green Party has also come with the idea of limited speed to 80km/h (50mph) on the country’s roads. The automobile organization ADAC opposes the Green Party and SPD’s proposals, considering them ‘unsustainable’. ADAC spokesperson Andreas Hölzel said the current autobahn infrastructure in the country makes the roads very safe and last year autobahns accounted for only 11% of Germany’s traffic deaths and serious injuries.

On another matter, The European Parliament’s environment committee proposed the top speed of vans in the EU to be electronically limited at 120 km (75 miles) per hour. This proposal is part of a debate on how to improve vehicles’ fuel efficiency and cut carbon emissions in Europe.