The giants that rule over the auto industry image

The global car market is one of the most dynamic business sectors imaginable, with incredible growth seen just a few years after one of the largest financial crises ever bit all regions of the planet.

In the United States alone, the second largest auto market and the biggest in terms of premium car deliveries, more than 30 automotive brands fight for a market share that can reach 17 million units this year. China, meanwhile, the world’s largest single auto market – has all the major global automakers and countless smaller local brands competing for an industry that posted 20 million plus sales in the past couple of years. Around the world, even more marquees sell anything from tiny cars that don’t need a driver’s license to million-dollar exotics designed for the rich and famous.

But, when it comes to making the clock ticking, the industry it’s actually very well consolidated – some major corporations own almost all of the planet’s important car brands. They don’t include every car company and every brand – but they do have the grasp over the largest and most influential that consumers will likely come across whether they live in the US, China or Europe. Their names are as follows: Toyota (No.1); Volkswagen AG (No.2); General Motors (No3); Renault; Nissan; Hyundai Kia (No. 5); PSA Peugeot Citroen; Ford; Tata; Honda; Geely; Fiat Chrysler Automobiles; BMW AG and Daimler.

Via Business Insider