Clarkson, Hammond and May’s new adventure has been named The Grand Tour and will start airing this fall on Amazon Prime – and there’s a fresh new contest that grants spots in the live audience section.

A few lucky winners will get to see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May hosting the show earlier than others as the trio will be doing a live audience taping in Johannesburg, South Africa. Getting the word out about the show is already a done deal, but it always helps if you throw in a contest. Amazon is giving away three pairs of tickets, travel, and lodging for a contest – the thing is you need to find the weirdest location to set up a tent. To enter the competition you simply tweet a photo or video of the “most unusual place they’ve ever put up a tent” and the entrants will need to use the hashtag #TheGrandTourJoburg. To qualify, the videos need to be in English and last no more than 90 seconds. And yeah, they also need to be suitable for airing…

Amazon Prime Video will get the selection down to 10 entries, with Clarkson, Hammond, and May doing the winning bids. The lucky ones will have tickets for the July 17 taping in Johannesburg. The contest has been introduced on Amazon U.K’s Website, but people from all over the world can actually participate. But you need to hurry and put that tent up, because the entries have a June 8 time limit. The idea is from the Grand Tour concept – the hosts will tour the world and don’t have a studio – so they set up a tent in a different city around the globe for each episode and welcome people in as live audience.


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