According to Amazon “millions” of subscribers made The Grand Tour – their newest show – a blistering success, all the while being a hit with the critics as well.

Well we saw that coming from a mile away – especially considering the massive campaign before the airing of the first episode. The Grand Tour kicked off with style and success – and even people with no interest or connection to cars or internet TV knew all about it. Of course, the show’s launch turned out to be the largest introduction in Amazon Prime Video’s history. The company said “millions” of subscribers watched the episode in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Japan. There’s no exact number – maybe because the viewing figures will far exceed the number of subscribers thanks to repeat viewings.

The episode was grand in every respect – they kicked off in a thorough over-the-top, Mad Max-esque sequence which followed Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May to a mini Burning Man festival in the Californian desert – where their tent was also located. The regular segments were explained, the new track showed, and most importantly the chemistry between the three was intact and the fooling around merciless. Critics also adored it: Guardian called it “a brilliant, beautiful spectacle”, while the London Evening Standard thinks “The Grand Tour is stunningly beautiful.” Digital Spywas in agreement: “They’ve sort of somehow come up with the world’s first scripted comedy factual show, and it works perfectly.”



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