The Grand Tour Season 2 teasers are here image

Filming for Season 2 of The Grand Tour is now going according to the new schedule, and these new teaser images show us the boys – in incomplete team for now – are their usual selves.

We already have a great deal of details about the upcoming Season 2 of The Grand Tour – the team has decided to use a permanent location from now on the Great Tew Estate, and they also gave us a first video taste of what to expect. Whether all three or in the smaller formula with Hammond still recovering, we can see the usual antics – supercars, off-roaders and naturally, lots of British nonsense humor. The images do provide us with plenty of clues as to what the trio has been doing during the “vacation” they took after completing Season One.

The Grand Tour Season 2 teasers are here 1

According to The Grand Tour’s official Facebook page, Clarkson, Hammond, and May continue their travels in SUVs, supercars, and off-road vehicles – the teaser images depict stuff such as the Lamborghini Aventador, off-roaders like the Ariel Nomad, and even a Nissan Pathfinder in what appears to be a rather problematic stance. The crew is again travelling the wide world – taking home fridge magnets from Colorado, New York City, Mozambique, Dubai, and even the Swiss Alps. Besides the video reels, the team also has numerous unique images from the season – which are going to be bundled and published in a book, The Grand Tour Guide to the World, coming from Harper Collins on October 31.