The small European country is renowned for being among the best places in the world to see hypercars and luxury rides – but this time around it was a rare sighting opportunity to glimpse the Clarity Fuel Cell.

This is because Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco decided for a more subtle approach to their lap of honor at the beginning of the 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco, as they skimmed across the iconic surface silently in a Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. The hydrogen car isn’t actually on sale just yet in Europe – it can only be had at home and in certain parts of America – but Honda is demonstrating the car through a campaign set to last until 2022. The test involves 185 units that will hit the roads in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The Clarity Fuel Cell comes with impressive technical capabilities – 403 miles (650 kilomters) of range in the New European Driving Cycle test or 366 miles (589 km) in the more stringent Environmental Protection Agency’s evaluation. That’s still enough to beat other green models – Tesla Model S 100D with 335-mile (539 km) EPA rating and Toyota Mirai with 321 miles (516 km) of range.

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell and Prince Albert Of Monaco share a ride 0


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