The inspiration for James Bond’s Aston is up for sale image

This particular Aston Martin 2/4 is now though to have inspired James Bond’s first Aston Martin, the notorious DB5 – and because we’re in luck, one thoroughly restored unit is now up for grabs.

The vintage model, of course, will not be sold in other manner than the usually high price-fetching auction, slotted to go under the hammer on July 12 at Coys auction at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, UK.

“The story around this car and its discovery is phenomenal. It was owned by Philip Ingram Cunliffe-Lister, whose father was Lord Swinton, a close confidant of Winston Churchill and head of MI5 during the Second World War. Moreover, the vehicle was regularly at Ian Fleming’s direct next-door neighbour in Kent, and indeed it was the next-door neighbour’s house which was also used as inspiration in the Bond novels, this time as Drax’s residence in the novel Moonraker,” says Chris Routledge, Coys managing partner.

In a beautiful example of father-son bonding feat, the two current owners got the car up for restoration – as it was off the road and just collecting dust – bringing it to its original former glory. Believed to live in Deal, Kent, they discovered the car’s real connection to the James Bond franchise – as the unit featured special one-off features, among them reinforced steel bumpers, a heavy-duty anti-interference system and a driver’s seat connection for a two-way radio or homing device. Also, the particular model features a very interesting device – which, in relation to a pre-selected average speed can accurately measure the time needed and distance to travel.

Via Daily Mail