After the back-to-back releases of Rolls Royce, Audi and Porsche Panamera, Project Kahn has recently played with the SUV – The Range Rover.

It’s just that this time Project Kahn has turned the Range Rover into the Black Vogue. This new project, Black Vogue will receive a blend of lifestyle and performance, which specifically introduces that the new SUV will become tougher from interior as well as from exterior.

Though this is a new aftermarket identity what the Range Rover Vogue has recently received, but one thing is clear that the tuner wants to offer something called unique feel to the owner of every unit that are sold. Through this project, the British tuning company is making a move that could be proved beneficial to the owners, basically an approach which was used for exterior and also for the interior. Through this approach, the vehicle now boasts an exterior kit which includes side skirts available in a billet finish, custom side vents, and new front as well as rear fascias.

Besides, the tuner has also added a set of 22-inch RS600 wheels which are available in matt black paint and all the wheels hold original OEM Land Rover centre caps.

Apart from the exterior work, the tuner has also played with the interior of this SUV which is equipped with multiple special touches. This specifies that the interior boasts full leather finish that can be tailor-made to cater the tastes of every customer. Being more precise, the tuner has added in its statement that Project Kahn vehicles are for the individuals who will not submit to a life of uniformity and who will only accept perfection.




By Sunita Mandal



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