The tire company is making the select few owners of the mighty and iconic 1990s Jaguar XJ220 supercar very happy with the announcement that it will deliver brand-new tires for the model.

And it turns out that Jaguar XJ220 racing veteran Justin Law has given his seal of approval for the new tire. No less than four months and 17 different specs of rubber were needed during the development process, and all culminated with hundreds of laps in the 220-mph supercar, with Don Law Racing joining forces with Bridgestone engineers for the project. Justin’s input was vital here: it’s widely regarded as the man that has driven the most miles in the XJ220. “I’m one of the very few people that have been lucky enough to drive this car regularly during the last 23 years,” he said. “I’ve covered more than 100,000 miles.”

The Jaguar XJ220 gets new tires thanks to Bridgestone 2

In addition, “it’s not just about knowing tires, this is about knowing everything about the car and how it is supposed to handle” and “we were pretty much guaranteed to do the job right” because Bridgestone also enlisted the help of former XJ220 engineers and test drivers. Bridgestone has staged the premiere of the new tire with Justin plus former Jaguar XJR-9 Le Mans 24 Hours race-winner Andy Wallace, Jaguar XJR-12 Le Mans 24 Hours race-winner John Nielsen, as well as the race engineers that contributed to the wins – Alastair Macqueen and Shinichi Watanabe.


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