Mazda is putting a stop on rotary engines image

The Japanese auto maker Mazda has decided to stop improving its famous rotary engines after 44 years of manufacturing, because of high production costs in developing the SKYActiv engines.

According to the Executive Officer of Planning Products within Mazda, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, the developing of the rotary engines was stopped for the moment, but “there is a huge talk” about the future of these units, and the world economy is affecting the auto maker making it reevaluate projects and expenses.

The Japanese company has decided to put away the rotary engines for now and focus on the SKYActiv technology but the revolutionary 44-year-old unit is set for a comeback in 2017. “I have always said rotary engines literally are part of our soul. We have to continue the rotary-engine evolution”, said Fujiwara.

To explain the technology of a rotary unit we have to look at pistons, all engines have them, but the rotary engine has a rotor which is shaped as a triangle with rounded corners that spins around in a circle, creating the energy needed for powering the car.