The Lincoln Chauffeur and At-Home Test Drives enhance the experience image

The premium brand of the Ford Motor Company is pretty keen on enriching its clients life, with new experiences that are created to help buyers sway their positive feelings in their direction.

Strictly as test runs for now, two new programs – At-Home Test Drives and Lincoln Chauffeur – might become standard alongside the already in use Lincoln Pick Up & Delivery program. The latter – available on all 2017 model year Lincolns, allows owners to schedule a pickup time for the servicing period – a representative will arrive, pick it up, leave a loaner and get it to and from the dealer. As far as the two new programs, the less interesting is the At-Home Test Drives. It’s being trialed in Dallas and Houston, allowing potential shoppers to secure a time and location for a product specialist to let someone test drive a Lincoln vehicle.

The other one is a bit quirkier. Lincoln Chauffeur will enter Miami as its testing ground, and this one allows Lincoln owners and lessees to request personalized driver or shopping assistants – kind of like having a minion. A third party service provides workers to cater for a long list of activities – bring you to a dinner date, pick up your kids after soccer practice, or drop you off at the airport, for example.