The Lister Knobbly Continuation Special can be used on the street image

Lister is going to hook you up to a classic roadster for the times when you crave for a retro look by taking the Knobbly continuation special out with a new batch of road-legal cars.

The roadsters are very close to the original that appeared more than six decades ago, and they even include the original chassis jigs for the vehicle’s construction and three original engineers to direct everything. The reborn Lister Knobbly comes with a hand-beaten aluminum body with a retro curvaceous shape, a tubular chassis and a raft of comfort features inside the road-legal Knobbly instead of getting the bare metal treatment. But the minimalist approach pays off in terms of weight – the car tips the scales at a mere 1,735 pounds (787 kilograms).

The Lister Knobbly Continuation Special can be used on the street 4

Power is provided by a Jaguar 3.8-liter inline six hooked to a four-speed gearbox – Lister even goes as far as to use original Jaguar engine blocks with remanufactured components for the internals. It will hook you up to 330 horsepower (246 kilowatts) and given the low weight we’re not surprised of the 4.3 seconds needed to sprint to 60 mph (96 kph). Compared to the track-only Knobbly, the road car has a collapsible steering column, a handbrake, rearview mirrors, warning lights for the brake fluid and low fuel level as well as “classic” vehicle accessory – turn signals, rear fog lamp, and a wind deflector instead of a higher windshield.