The Mercedes-Benz S Class Cabriolet by Carlsson feels like a prince’s toy image

The model has been renamed as ‘Diospyros’ and comes jammed with exotic veneers, a new upholstery and a very interesting ice cream exterior shade to compliment the spectacular price tag.

Anyone around the world would surely want an S Class Cabriolet if given the chance to won one – it’s elegant, posh and as people would say after driving it for the first time, surprisingly adept at being manhandled. But of course there are those around the world that actually do have one and need to stand out from the “crowd” of owners – which is where Merzig, Germany-based tuner Carlsson springs into action. And they called their take on the S – “Diospyros”. Of course the first thing to warrant our attention is the pastel shade – nicknamed Carlsson Heritage Green – though our imagination immediately flew towards summer and the well known ice trucks.


The color adorns certain components such as the grille, while others were painted gloss black by the aftermarket specialist – and as it turns out having such a fresh color requires special disc wheels with short spokes for a classic touch. The cabin has been completely overhauled in Vintage Cognac-colored Nappa leather upholstery while the fascias, steering wheel, and rear deck are finished with West African ebony veneer – which bears the scientific name of Diospyros Crassiflora. As a final touch, the S550 will get the turbocharged V8 motor to uphold its name – packing 550 horsepower.