The Mercedes G Class is 37 years old and very much alive and kicking image

The Gelandwagen has been around for almost four decades though its timeless shape seems to be fitting to any time period from the Industrial Revolution onwards – and people think it should be part of the future, too.

This is because we’re seeing the model hitting a new production milestone triggered by the increasing demand – 20, 000 units were built so far this year. In 37 years, 20,000 examples were never built in a single year – though that changed in 2016 at the factory in Graz, Austria, hitting a new record. The 20,000th 2016 G-Wagen is a white AMG G63, packing a 5.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a host of optional goodies: Designo Mystic White Bright paintwork and Designo leather upholstery. More than 250,000 units have been produced so far in all the model’s existence, all produced by contractor Magna Steyr since the model was introduced in 1979.

Initially designed for rough-and-ready military duties, the G-Wagen was soon embraced by civilians and its successful career even includes a Dakar rally win back in 1983. Today the model has changed very little – though its interior now has lavish luxury amenities and under the hood tremendously powerful engines – even a twin-turbo V12 – reside. “The individualization and continuous technical optimization of the G Class contribute to the great success of the original off-road icon, which still makes no compromises when it comes to off-road. The production of 20,000 G Classes in one year confirms the high demand for the ‘G’ and the quality of our vehicles,” commented Gunnar Guthenke, Mercedes’ off-road products boss.