I’m sure many of you are thinking of a new car but when the world economy is close to collapsing a second-hand vehicle seems more interesting. But what if that SH car would be the fastest version of a Bugatti Veyron, the Super Sport model? Well in that case I’m pretty sure its price won’t be quite cheap.

The Bugatti Veyron is one of the few cars which were sold more expensive to the second owner than their initial price and the Super Sport version isn’t an exception.

The supercar in question with its 1.200 horsepower is in Tom Hartley’s dealer garage and has “ran” for just 1.400 kilometers, or less than 1.000 miles and its price is in the seven-figure zone: 3.4 million dollars (2.4 million euros).

From a total of just 30 cars which came off the production line, this Veyron Super Sport was the second made at the Molsheim, France plant and it was present at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

This isn’t the only expensive car sold by Hartley and not long ago the dealer managed to sell the Grand Sport convertible for 1.6 million euros.


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