The most realistic car simulator for PC comes free from KW image

KW suspension specialists, together with SimBin, have launched the Race Room driving simulator and it offered for free.

Race Room – The Game is promising to be the most realistic driving simulator for PC and the involvement of KW can only be described as good news for petrol heads and game addicts.

According to the creator of the game, the cars will act realistically and they will react to different surfaces in a way that real vehicles do, thanks to the involvement of KW, who had numerous suspension testing recording hours.

The new driving simulator was created with a more than 15 years’ experience in motorsport, in championships like the FIA GT or the WTCC.

Game players can already download for free the new simulator and can play against other virtual drivers using the Race Room official site.

The game has only 581 MB and can be downloaded in a few minutes on a broadband internet connection.