The Dutch have gathered together to show their love for EVs and set up the largest electric vehicle parade in the world, with no less than 746 vehicles – Teslas, i3s, Zoes and VW EVs, among others.

With the Guinness Book of World Records pending an official recognition of this interesting achievement, no less than 746 electric vehicles paraded in the Netherlands, gathered on the A270, from Helmond and Eindhoven, for this new world record. he 2.2-mile (3.6-kilometer) stretch of road had to be closed in Brabant, a province in the south of the Netherlands, to cater for the large gathering of silent cars. Aside from the usual variety of Tesla, BMW i, Nissan and Renault electric cars, the parade also included electric buses, trucks, bikes, and Segways – as well as a solar car.

The Netherlands has an electric world record 3

By the way, the previous electric parade record had been established back in May 2015 in Berlin, with 577 examples. And the event also had a good cause to cater about – all money from the proceeds part of the event will go towards an educational program for children in disadvantaged neighborhoods. We’re now waiting on Tesla to introduce its Model 3 sedan – just honoring the hundreds of thousands of reservations would make a worthy record in its own…


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