The 2017 Audi A4 premium compact sedan has received the highest safety rating from the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety by offering good protection in a small overlap front crash and a superior-rated standard front crash prevention system.

The new model has brought some significant safety improvements over the previous version, which was rated poor in the small overlap evaluation test made by US IIHS. In that test, the organization said that A4’s structure did not hold up, with intrusion into the driver’s space reaching 11 inches at the footwell and the instrument panel. Furthermore, the steering column moved toward the driver and to the right, and the dummy’s head slipped off the left side of the airbag and the driver door opened, which would put him at risk of being thrown out of the car in a real crash.

By contrast, the 2017 A4 had maximum intrusion of only 3 inches at the footrest, while the dummy’s head hit the front airbag and stayed there until rebound. The redesigned sedan also has brought as standard a superior-rated front pre-collision braking system, a step up from the advanced-rated one that was only available as an option on earlier models. With this technology, the car managed to avoid an impact in the 12 mph IIHS track test, while in the 25 mph examination, impact speed was reduced by an average of 22 mph. The A4 also earned an acceptable rating for headlights, but only when coming equipped with LED and high-beam assist tech. All other headlight combinations on the A4 earned a marginal rating form IIHS.


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