The new BMW 7-Series can park itself image

And this happens thanks to a high-tech key fob with a digital screen.

In case you have forgotten all about it, despite being unveiled just a few hours back, don’t worry, because we are here to remind you that the new BMW 7-Series generation is here to stay. The model in question has a few features which will be making owners of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class jealous such as this high-tech key fob, which has a digital screen. Besides looking better than almost every other car key out there, this has a particular feature which will make you lend your new flagship vehicle to your wife more often: it can park itself.

This is the first RCP (Remote Control Parking) feature and it is basically an autonomous parking system which is allowing the river to move the vehicle forwards or backwards out of a parking space, while standing outside. This can only be engaged if the car will be positioned centrally in front of the selected parking space and the distance it can be operated in driverless mode is 1.5 times its length. This is something to take your breath away the first couple of times you will use it as a new owner and once all your friends have seen it in action, chances are you will never be using it again. The new high-tech key fob has the 2.2-inch touch screen display, with a 320×240 pixels resolution, but BMW hasn’t released its full details just yet.