The New Volkswagen Phaeton is coming to US! image

According to some sources, VW will bring to US the largest limousine of them.  When? Most probably at the end of the year.

“We have our eyes firmly set on the U.S. market,” Juergen Borrmann, director of Volkswagen’s plant in Dresden, Germany, where the Phaeton is built, said in an interview.

The model will be completely redesigned and retooled before VW begins selling the high-end sedan in the U.S. again, he said.

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The Phaeton, a big hulking sedan like the Audi A8, another VW brand, was pulled from the U.S. market in 2006 after four painful years.

The car gets a new front fascia to more closely resemble the current Volkswagen styling direction, first seen on the Golf Mk VI. This includes new LED running lights, bi-xenon headlights and a new bumper with LED fog lights. The rear LED clusters have been altered as well to mimic those found on the recently facelifted Toruan, Sharan, and new Touareg. The interior benefits from some new technologies as well, but retains the 2009 MY layout.