Volvo keeps making progresses when it comes to road safety, as the new XC90, to be launched in 2014, will offer three revolutionary safety systems.

Volvo officially announced today, July 5th, that the next-generation XC90, which will hit the market sometime in 2014, will feature three new safety systems, which will be fitted for the first time in a series model. The three systems are based on the radar technology and cameras which the car already has, and their purpose is to help the driver avoid accidents which take frequently place on the roads due to the drivers’ or pedestrians’ lack of attention.

The first system is a development of the existing the Pedestrian Detection, which is already included in the City Safety program. The updated system is able to detect the pedestrians during the night, in total darkness, and it also automatically activates the brakes to avoid a possible impact. City Safety with Pedestrian Detection will soon be offered to avoid impacts with other vehicles or bicycles.

The second system, offered for the first time in the new XC90 is a very complex one. The Road Edge and Barrier Detection with Steer Assist keeps the car on the right lane being able to calculate the car’s trajectory and keep it on the road.

The last system to be fitted in the XC90 is the latest and most advanced adaptive cruise control system. Besides keeping the vehicles at the legal distance from the one in front of it, automatically activate the brake or reducing or increasing the speed, this system also have completely autonomous direction. The vehicle will take as a landmark the vehicle in front of it and the lane markings which the car’s computer will follow.


“By revealing these three systems, which will be part of the next-generation XC90, Volvo confirms its position as leaders in the auto safety,” said Thomas Broberg, a Volvo exec.

Source: Automarket


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