The Nissan Juke R – first live image image

Unveiled at a Nissan Crossover media launch in Malaga, Spain, Juke-R shocked an unsuspecting audience when it was revealed as a ‘surprise guest’ at the end of the press conference.

Shown for the first time in the metal, Juke-R continues to create a huge reaction, harnessing the bold design of Nissan’s provocative Juke with the speed and power of the company’s flagship GT-R…… creating the world’s fastest crossover.

When it’s finished, the Juke-R will get an aggressive new look to match its supercar performance. The ride height will be dramatically reduced, plus there will be full carbon fiber body kit, a set of cooling vents in the bonnet and a split rear spoiler.

Just two versions of the Nissan Juke-R are being created, one in each of left-hand and right-hand drive. The cars have been developed by Nissan and are being built by leading motorsports outfit RML with input from Nissan Technology Centre for Europe (NTC-E). Testing of the car will begin in November.

The car will make its official debut most probably in Las Vegas at SEMA.