The Nissan LEAF will be available to consumers via lease or sale image

The Nissan LEAF will be available to consumers via lease or sale, in a single transaction that includes the battery.

Steps to acquiring a Nissan LEAF are:
— REGISTER: Interested people can register for more information about
the Nissan LEAF on To date, close to 50,000 people
have registered on the website. Registrants will be given first
priority to reserve a Nissan LEAF.
— RESERVE: The reservation process will begin in April, shortly after
the announcement of the price of the Nissan LEAF. Upon paying a fully
refundable $100 reservation fee, registrants will be among the first
in line able to order a Nissan LEAF.
— ORDER: Nissan will begin taking firm orders in August, for deliveries
when sales begin in the driver’s particular market.
— EARLY DELIVERIES: Rollout begins in select markets in December 2010,
with vehicles available in all major launch markets quickly

“The Nissan LEAF purchase process is effortless, transparent and accessible, offering value with a one-stop-shop approach for everything related to the car, including the assessment, permitting and installation of in-home battery charging units,” said Carlos Tavares, Chairman, Nissan Americas. “We want everyone to feel good about having a car that is affordable, fun to drive and good for the environment.”