The Nissan Serena Nismo goes sporty in Tokyo image

Exactly what we needed, a soccer mom that will show her son or daughter’s sports inclinations even before arriving at the field, thanks to the delivering minivan adopting the appropriate attire…

This is what moms in Japan were dreaming for – a minivan with sports car features. Whether that statement is true or not, probably only Nissan knows, who decided to soup up the model you least expected – the Serena minivan – in time for the Tokyo Motor Show. In-house tuned vehicles are a thing today, so it’s no wonder why the Nismo division has more work than ever before at Nissan, with the upcoming Japanese event also featuring the cool-looking Leaf Nismo concept.

The Nissan Serena minivan has been treated to the now classic Nismo red accents, along with other features such as new front and rear bumpers, the red trim details on the grille and side skirts, along with new alloys as well as an appropriate two-tone white and black finish. In case the sporty wide-body kit wasn’t enough of a clue, Nismo badges are present all around. More importantly, the Serena Nismo also comes with a bespoke sport suspension, a new engine control module, and an upgraded exhaust. Under the hood lies the same 2.0-liter engine which in standard form delivers 144 horsepower (108 kilowatts) and 154 pound-feet (210 Newton-meters) of torque.

The Nissan Serena Nismo goes sporty in Tokyo 1