The Olympic Route Network Stops Operation image

Tonight, August 14th, the Olympic Route Network will end its operation, after the departure from London of all athletes, media and officials.

The ORN is 109 miles long, including 30 miles of Games Lanes, which is to be used exclusively by the Games family. At midnight all parking and stopping restrictions will be lifted, and the loading bays and bus lanes will get back to normal, although it will take a little longer to remove the road markings, hopefully by Thursday morning.

Transport for London announced that during the Olympic Games only 40% of the Games Lanes were operating at any one time, and that by August 7th, 10% of them were already decommissioned on the ORN routes on Lords, Wimbledon and the Royal Artillery Barracks, after the events on these venues ended. On August 13th the A40, A406 North Circular and A12 have been decommissioned too.

On August 29th when the Paralympic Games begin, the Paralympic Route Network will be put in operation at 6 a.m., focused on the east of London. The Games Lanes will be 8.7 miles long and will cover venues between the International Paralympic Committee, the Olympic Park, the North Greenwich Arena, ExCeL, Royal Artillery Barracks, Greenwich Park and other venues. The PRN will end its operation on September 10th.