The other Tesla co-founder and Mack join forces for green garbage truck image

While Elon Musk is well known as the CEO and co-founder of Tesla Motors, there’s another of the latter kind – Ian Wright – who recently worked with Mack to deliver a new, econ-conscious garbage truck.

Mack Trucks has partnered with Wrightspeed – founded by Wright – with the latter tasked to retrofit Mack’s LR model to develop a clean garbage truck. The new utility truck has ditched the diesel engine in favor of quad electric motors, and the result has been showcased last week in Las Vegas during 2016 WasteExpo, a waste management and recycling conference. The model uses the Wrightspeed Route 1000 powertrain that combines with a battery pack featuring plug-in capabilities and with enough juice for up to 24 miles (38.6 kilometers). But the driver and co-workers won’t get stranded once the energy runs out – because the depleted cells will be rejuvenated by the 80-kW turbine generator, making use of diesel or natural gas to recharge the batteries. Just like in the case of any other green vehicle there’s also a regenerative braking system.

Mack is a subsidiary of Sweden’s Volvo Trucks and the company said the four electric motors have enough power to move vehicles up to 66,000 pounds (almost 30 tons) on grades up to 40 percent steep. The truck maker also mentioned the experience is very similar to driving the diesel-powered trucks, with the added bonus the electric motors generate instant torque. We have no detail whether this greenified Mack LR will ever be put into production, but maybe an upcoming generation might become friendlier to the environment.