The Partisan One is the simplest military SUV out there image

Don’t get tricked by the perspective in the photos – this is a real-life military vehicle, not a clever Lego build, even though the Partisan One does have the same simplicity and rugged looks in mind.

Modern war – something that even with all the knowledge we possess hasn’t yet been eradicated – has evolved to the point that vehicles are sophisticated just like battle cruisers. But Dr. Juri E. Postnikov thinks the alternative should focus on simplicity – his Partisan One concept foregoes high-tech credentials in favor of efficiency, with its aim being to deliver according to the “strength in numbers” credo. The focus – being the “best car for the world’s worst roads.” The design is rugged to the extreme, with a two-box shape and ultra-angular front end, complete with large rectangle for the passenger compartment.

The Partisan One is the simplest military SUV out there 1

Being a military vehicle, survivability is of course a prime concern – all the circular recesses along the exterior are there to attach armor plates, and there are also places underneath that will get V-shaped armor as protection against explosives hidden in the ground. The angular body panels hide a high-strength steel space frame and wishbone suspension. The firm also touts the “possibility of installing various power units,” with the client choosing the layout. The concept is also flexible, with ideas for a short-wheelbase three-door, long-wheelbase five-door, and pickup, as well as possible 6×6 and 8×8 variants. Of course, not being in production yet, no one can verify the bold claims of serving the army for “50 years or more, without requiring a replacement.”

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