The Porsche 911 re-imagined by Bugatti Chiron’s designer image

Designer Sasha Selipanov has had a go at another VAG product – this time the iconic Porsche 911 – and inscribed the classic model with a futuristic look that could take it into the next decade.

The Porsche 911 is of course a timeless piece of automotive design – its signature styling and shape has been mostly the same for decades. The 1959 original’s masterful appearance was the work of Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche, son of founder Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche, as a bigger – more comfortable – alternative to the very sporty 356. Sasha Selipanov, already a renowned artist due to his work on the Bugatti Chiron, has a different opinion on the looks of the 911. It acknowledges the legendary styling but infuses it with XXI century personality for a more futuristic look front and back.


The front is immediately noticeable for the inspiration from the Mission E concept from last year, but there’s also a new front end without a central grille. The signature 911 cues have been reinterpreted – there’s a ‘double bubble’ roof complete with more sculpted rear and the taillights are also embedded into the body and form into a custom rear diffuser. “Sculpturally the idea was to go back to the original 911 bodyside,” comments the designer. “Less turbo arches and more a continuous soft shoulder development.”