New residential chargers for electric vehicles are able to work smarter alongside with solar panels fitted in your home, optimizing your power needs.

Being off-grid is the smartest thing you can do if you really care about the environment and if you want to reduce your home’s carbon footprint as much as possible. That being said, those homes have to be fitted with power solar panels and, if a car is an absolute must for the homeowners, an electric vehicle in the garage. Therefore, home’s power grid demands will be higher. In aid of these needs, EV charging equipment manufacturers Etrel and Circontrol have developed new residential chargers with smart load monitoring features, allowing EV charging to automatically be in sync with solar power production. The Etrel’s system detects the power demand of the home and can optimize charging for when solar power is being generated, or allow the power to be sold back to the grid. The Smartcharger varies the electric vehicle charging rate depending on the home’s power needs, in order not to overload the system. The Slovenian company said the charger and power monitoring unit will be available next year and it has sold several hundred units to date, residential and commercial chargers.

Similar to Etrel, Circontrol – a Spanish company – revealed its eHome residential charger working on the same principles. Both systems, showed at the recent eCarTec conference in Munich, include mobile and web applications that let homeowners verify how much power is being used and also allow them to schedule charging for their electric vehicles. Circontrol offers both commercial alternating current and fast direct current chargers. These Smartchargers could be also very useful for the power producers to prevent excess wind or solar production from being wasted.

Via Forbes


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