The Rhino GX Executive will make your safari a lot easier image

US Specialty Vehicles from America is a name you may have never heard of before – and that would be due to not having the need and money to grab one of the largest luxury SUVs available on the US market – the Rhino GX Executive Model.

Imagine an all-terrain vehicle that’s been built on a Ford Super Duty Chassis, one with a very tough “survive the apocalypse” styling and an alluring, luxurious interior. Not to mention what the company claims to be a vehicle with “a seductive appearance, off-road capabilities and superb power to weight ratio” – yes, we’ll believe it when we drive it. It’s a true behemoth – almost 19 feet long, eight feet wide, and weighing no less than five tons.

The Rhino GX Executive will make your safari a lot easier 4

The new Executive edition is an even more premium take on the already luxurious leather-trimmed protected cabin of the Rhino. It now adds things such as exotic wood trim, chrome accents, power seats with heat controls and power foot rests, along with a massive sunroof that might also double as an “escape hatch”. The rest of the specs are equally impressive – 40-inch television, KVH TRAC Vision A9 Satellite Receiver and Ford F-450 power levels: either a 6.7-liter V8 diesel or a 6.8-liter V10, naturally with new suspension and brake elements to make sure it can handle any type of terrain and then stop where it needs to.