The safest safety approach of BMW 5 series image

BMW is one of the fastest car production companies and is leader in the fast car making. People usually say that “speeds are taking lives”, but BMW has proved them absolutely wrong by adding Brake Intervention to the cars!! They created a new history by proving the technical superiority of theirs.

During the recent crash test of BMW 5 series, the car company added the brake intervention system successfully. This stunning safety was felt near Hamburg during the world premier of BMW 5 series. The engineers of the company then explained the entire technical confusions that were responsible for almost 40 percent of accident cases that are taking place in the form of Motorways accidents on highways.

During the conventional test, one of the cars was approached with the offset obstacle at 64 km/h and then the BMW 5 series with DEKRA system having brake intervention was tested. Shockingly, the 5 series car showed a unique example as the immediate impact of hard brake brought down the speed of 4 km/h to 40 km/h. The offset bock ad preventive protection added to the car made this safest safety test succeeded.

While explaining these changes technically, the company spokes person said, “”Due to full brake application immediately prior to impact and the car’s pitching movement resulting from this, the vehicle changes its position, particularly when the front bumper hits the block. The vehicle collides with the obstacle in a slightly “lower” position than in the case of a crash occurring without prior application of the brakes,”

“Concerning the deceleration, occupants also assume a position further forward. More important, however: In the event of a crash incorporating prior brake application, the severity of impact is reduced considerably, thereby significantly lessening the strain on all occupants,” he added.

So, this could be the safest safety tool that is offered by BMW. The company and even the car lovers are hoping for the best results of this braking intervention system in the form of brake in the numbers of accidents and injuries. The technically superior tem of engineers of BMW again proved that why they are called the world leaders. Driving has one important lesson to learn for all of us, “those who know how to accelerate must learn how to brake”!! BMW 5 series is having the ability to accelerate and to brake down immediately when it is required!! Great invention by greater people!!