The Scissors in Automotive industries – Khalid Ouazzani image

The real shame for the automotive industries and especially the used cars and parts dealers of Kansas was felt when one of the used car dealers of the city admitted tat he was sending money to al-Qaida.

This shocking and stunning fact revealed when the car dealer committed own acts and was pleaded guilty by Federal Court.
Khalid Ouazzani is a Moroccan born 32 years old US citizen. He was arrested for several terrorism related changes by the Police and yesterday he admitted against Court that he has sent $23, 500 to the world’s worst ever and most dangerous terrorist group al-Qaida. This help was sent to the group for their terrorism activities all over the world with the help of a United Arab Emirate Bank in 2007.

Again in 2008 he swore to an unnamed co-conspirator an oath of allegiance to al-Qaida. He also is being found guilty for money laundering and stealing money with the help of a fraud of $174,000 from a USA based bank.
This is quite stunning for all the car dealers of Kansas as no one could even believe that the noble business of used car selling was used in such a dangerous way. He was sentenced for 65 years prison without parole by the Federal Court. Khalid Ouazzani has left with many of the questions back as, how he was approved such a big loan from the Banks? Why none of the Police officer or even the neighbors was dumb for his acts since three years? When these acts are going to stop?

None of us are having any reply!!