The Skoda Element is a student-created electric buggy Citigo image

The Czech manufacturer is renowned for offering ample space and lots of features at an affordable price point – but no one can say the models from Mlada Boleslav are way too exciting.

And the brand’s smallest model – the Citigo, brother to the VW up! and SEAT Mii – is arguably the least exciting offering. That’s all in the past now, because 22 students from Skoda’s vocational school have decided to deliver an A-segment vehicle that’s way more appealing to anyone. Here’s the Element – and unfortunately this is a one-off buggy conversion experiment. Instead of the ICE we have an all-electric powertrain, just because young people know what’s best for the world – not mister Trump. Anyways, we don’t know any of the technical specifications, but we do know the younglings needed 1,500 hours to discard the roof, rear seats, put a lid on the trunk and pack in the EV powertrain.

The Skoda Element is a student-created electric buggy Citigo 2

This is officially – though technically they’ll file it inside a cabinet and forget about it – Skoda’s only second full electric concept, following this year’s Vision E showcased at the Auto Shanghai back in April. The latter will of course morph into a production model later on, but the Element is going to remain an interesting one-off. Skoda is going to stir up the passion pot by introducing soon a Kodiaq RS and possibly a Superb RS in the near future.