The sound of power: BMW M3 with Akrapovic exhaust image

This exhaust has attracted the most attention because it is made one hundred percent from titanium, reducing the total weight of the car by almost 24 kg compared with the stock one.

But that’s not all; Akrapovic utilizes cutting-edge technology alongside traditional craftsmanship to produce some of the most sought-after exhaust systems on the market.

From approximately 2500 rpm on, the power increase is about 24 HP. The torque is nearly constant at 35 Nm over the stock.


Akrapovic Evolution complete system:
• titanium end muffler, with TÜV
• 4 titanium end tubes, with TÜV
• link pipes (titanium), incl. 100 cpsi Catalysts and Resonators
Hard facts:
• plus 24 HP (at 4620 Rpm)
• plus 35 Nm (at 4890 Rpm)
• minus 23 kg (when compared with stock)