The Subaru Viziv Performance goes to Tokyo image

With the Frankfurt Motor Show behind us, automakers – especially those from Japan – are gearing up for the next installment in the event calendar – the Tokyo Motor Show.

Subaru is kicking off the party with the first teaser for the Viziv Performance concept, set for the official worldwide public unveiling on October 25. The new Viziv Performance prototype is coming as a sleek and sporty sedan penned under the brand’s latest “Dynamic x Solid” design language. Since we’re still far away from the actual release date, details aren’t what you would call abundant, and Subaru has only said so far their new concept is going to feature highly advanced driver and assistance systems as a preview for the company’s future autonomous efforts.

As far as we can see, besides the cameras replacing the conventional mirrors, there are also cameras or sensors mounted on the roof and the front wheel arches, making us believe the Viziv offers some kind of self-driving vision. The name itself – coming from “Vision for Innovation” – points out this is not only a possible preview for upcoming sporty cars, for example the next generation WRX and STI – but also a technology demonstrator. The next generation WRX and WRX STI should come based on the new Impreza, as always, but we’re probably not going to see them before 2020.

The Subaru Viziv Performance goes to Tokyo 0