The TORQ Roadster EV Offers Formula One Performance image

The TORQ Roadster is the only electric vehicle which can offer Formula One performance.

The three-wheeled TORQ Roadster is fitted with a 400 horsepower electric engine and carbon fiber panels and will be priced at $65, 000. Its makers, Epic EV, say that the vehicle is the fastest three-wheel electric vehicle in the world and can generate more G-force in a corner than any Ferrari. The TORQ Roadster can reach 60mph in 4 seconds and doesn’t need a drop of gas.

The vehicle has 400 horsepower under its hood, four-piston racing derived brakes, and chassis and suspension technology borrowed from Formula One. The body is made of carbon fiber, which is a strong but at the same time light material.

California-based Epic EV said that they designed this vehicle to show customers than an EV can offer performance, while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The company will officially unveil the TORQ Roadster on April 6th and it price will be $65,000 in the US to €50,000 in Europe. Epic EV will build only 50 TORQ Roadsters this year, that it why the company has already started a waiting list for those eager to get their hand on this Formula One car.