According to a recent survey, which found out the least courteous drivers are in Houston, also found out that some cities managed to shake up and clean their act… or maybe just found a way to appease their road rage drivers.

AutoVantage’s annual “Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey” shows that Houston surpassed the well-known – for the not so positive fact – New York City to top the list of the ill mannered driving places in the US.

Actually, New York also got bested by last year’s fourth placed Atlanta, with drivers from “Hotlanta” prone to be the most likely motorists that hit other vehicles on purpose, and also housing the most speeders and tailgaters.

Houston’s survey participants admitted to being the most likely to see drivers cutting off others and do that themselves, most likely to slam on the brakes in front of someone else and also enjoy a good phone chat while driving.

On the other hand, the opposite title goes this year to Portland, which also held this praised spot in 2013, followed in this order by Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco and Charlotte, North Carolina. The biggest swinger in this year’s top was Baltimore, who decided to shed its positive attitude for the bad boy look – it jumped 20 spots from last year’s third place among the “charming” cities to third on the other end.


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