The V8 car-themed hotel can take you in for a nap image

A car-themed hotel has been opened in Stuttgart, Germany, where some of the rooms are decorated in an “obvious” way.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in a car-themed hotel? Well, if you did, someone can now provided you with an answer to that question, even if you’re not a kid, or especially if you’re not a kid, because that would mean spending what you earn during the holidays in a single night and women will not be included in the price. Stuttgart is the home of this V8 Hotel, which has 4 stars and a total of 34 rooms, many of which have been decorated with a car theme.

The best part about the V8 Hotel is that some of the rooms actually contain real cars. The hotel has been made on a building which used to serve as the terminal of the Boblingen Airport, opened back in 1915, which was used for flights of the Graf Zeppelin and it was also home to a squadron of ME-109 fighter aircraft during World War II. The V8 Hotel has been opened in 2009 and it occupies half of the terminal building, as the other half is shared by an auto museum, which is providing a collection of classic cars.