The Polestar division has splashed its connoisseur work on the XC90, S90 and V90 so far, which is why we’re not surprised the latest member of the family – the V90 Cross Country – is getting the same treatment.

Polestar is today a complete subsidiary of the Volvo company, which is why it’s diligently working on all of the new introductions in the lineup. So it is now time to see them rework the all-new 2017 V90 Cross Country packing the D4, D5, and T6 engines. The entry-level diesel is the base and comes with 190 hp and 295 Nm from the factory, but after Polestar’s treatment it surges to 200 hp and 325 Nm. The more powerful D5 can be taken from 235 hp and 354 Nm to 240 hp and 369 Nm or if you’re a gasoline fan you can have the T6 dialed from 320 hp and 295 Nm to 334 hp and 325 Nm.

The power increases are nothing to write home about but Polestar did deeper customizations, such as rework the gearbox settings to gain quicker changes. Volvo’s performance unit added the focus was on the rugged wagon’s mid-range capabilities – which are the most used in common daily scenarios. Throttle feedback alongside a host of other improvements have been implemented by Polestar to enable “a more dynamic driving experience.”

Volvo V90 Cross Country with Polestar Performance Optimisation


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