The world’s biggest auto mall is about to rock the world image

The biggest slap to the people who are saying that “Recession is not over yet and the world will take few years to come out of it” is being constructed at Istanbul. The giant and gigantic Autopia Europia Mall is all set to become the world’s largest auto mall. The mall is scattered in 708, 661 square feet area and is leading the entire world to an example and proof that “Recession is a past now.”

The largest mall of the world is having huge space inside, outside and even upside. There is huge space in the mall that is sufficient enough to present 200 car galleries which will be able to serve the car lovers and visitors by displaying at least 2526 vehicles at a time. Isn’t that amazing? This unbelievable interiors and spacious outlook of the mall is yet not finished as they are offering a huge race track of cars to test them before you finalize the deals. This could be the first ever mall of the world in which the race car facilities are offered on the top of the site.

Here is a view of this mesmerizing structure from top site that can allow you to imagine the thrilling experience of this largest auto mall of the world. Turk I definitely going to have the massive sales of auto vehicles after launching of this mall. Another specialty of this mall is that as many as 24 banks will be ready to assist you and to pay you loans for the vehicles that you want to drive away with. These banks are already approached and assured for the terms and conditions that needs to get fulfilled for the legal formalities by the auto mall. The auto mall is also packed up with 56 bars, restaurants and cafes that can allow you space to have the right decision and to have the peace of minds before you get peace of hearts by buying your dream machines.

The video and the pictures of these amazing wonder of the auto world are showing just the sample as it would be quite thrilling and mind-blasting experience to visit the auto mall. One must say, “It’s a dream place for buying dream machines”. Wait for the launching of this mall and get the most exciting and exclusive experience of auto buying at Autopia Europia Mall, Istanbul.