The world’s most striking sport utility vehicles image

Sport utility vehicles are highly sought after across all regions of the globe today – thanks to their functionality, roominess and feeling of enhanced safety. Additionally, in recent months the plunging gasoline prices have made the segment even more appealing to potential customers.

Since sport utility vehicles have evolved from niche status to cover up the full extent of the automotive market and classes, in the years since they have reached showrooms a number of oddities has emerged. While design should not be judged too harsh, undeniably there are models that are striking to say the least. Here’s a top down list of our most odd entries in the segment. The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet should be up on the list of anyone wanting to strike the right balance between SUV prowess and cabriolet relaxation – wait, we’re kidding. Are you going to entertain yourself with the head in your hair while crossing puddles and mud? GMC’s Typhoon, launched in 1992 and axed after the 1993 model year, could be seen as the parent of modern day SUV bombs such as the BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne Turbo. It lacked the grace and statue of the latter two, but packed a punch thanks to a turbo V6 that delivered 280 hp – quick off the start in a straight line, not too comfortable on bends.

While the Land Rover Range Rover was first in bringing to life the idea of posh SUVs that could be used both for hunting and Opera time, there’s one model that is the forerunner of today’s upcoming string of ultra-luxury SUVs (think Bentley Bentayga). It’s the Lamborghini LM002 – and it’s one model we would welcome any day in our garage. Arnold Schwarzenegger is undeniably unforgettable as a Terminator – and its real life automotive counterpart should be deemed the Hummer H1, the civilian counterpart of the Army Humvee. And as far as ugly, plain ungracious and incredibly bad styling goes, the winner will always be Pontiac’s Aztek. Nothing to comment here, just look away from its photo.