There are now more than two million EVs around the world image

According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 2017 Global EV Outlook, the world’s electric vehicle fleet has reached an important milestone, with more than 2 million autos in function at the end of 2016.

The study has also explained how electric cars are distributed around the globe by country – and without any surprise China is the authoritarian EV leader. There’s a catch though – because the report totals not only fully electric cars, but also plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV). The benchmark was due to a spike in utilization in China, which is now the leader in the electric car segment but also in terms of electric two-wheelers, low-speed electric vehicles, and electric buses. “Until 2015, the United States accounted for the largest portion of the global electric car stock. In 2016, China became the country with the largest electric car stock, with about a third of the global total,” comments the release.

And as always, a little Nordic country is pretty impressive – Norway is among the world’s EV leaders, which is amazing when considering the very small population. “New registrations of electric cars hit a new record in 2016, with over 750 thousand sales worldwide. With a 29% market share, Norway has incontestably achieved the most successful deployment of electric cars in terms of market share, globally,” added the report. And even though globally EV still only make up about one percent of the vehicles in use, the positive evolution is still encouraging for our future.